Surface coating process has attracted great attention in the last century due to the economic and technical advantages it offers, and the production of some products that can meet the needs of developing technologies can only be realized with coating processes or become economical in this way. .

The coating process is carried out to change the physical and chemical properties of the material surface. The process of working together a surface and a substrate design and providing properties that neither alone can provide is often referred to as surface treatment. .

We can list the industrial application areas of the coating process as follows:

1) Optical coating

2) Coatings for the electrical and electronics industries

3) Anti-friction (anti-wear) coating

4) Anti-corrosion coating

5) Decorative coatings

Surface coating technology

Surface coating technology is basically divided into two categories;

1) Surface treatment: A technology that creates a composite layer on the surface based on the diffusion of another material on the surface of the material. Nitriding, carburizing, boronizing, carburizing.

2) Surface coating: It is based on the addition or precipitation of another material on the surface of the material, we can divide these coatings into three types according to the physical condition of the coating material.

a) Gas coatings (chemical vapor deposition, physical vapor deposition and other plasma assisted coatings) (PVD, CVD)

b) Coatings made from solutions (electrochemical coatings, chemical reduction processes, electroless coatings, sol-gel methods)

c) Liquid or semi-liquid coatings (laser, welding, thermal spray methods)

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