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Moving roof cover systems are designed to create environments filled with daylight free from the negative effects of nature. With this system, whether it is for private or commercial purposes, it is possible to make any kind of open space elegant and functional as closed, transparent spaces.

This system is a roof covering system in which panels are opened on each other and assembled on a fixed module. It can be opened from the bottom as well as it can be opened manually or motorized from the bottom to the corner when requested. Special Aluminum Profiles with heat bridges and preferably polycarbonate or glass covering materials are used for the construction of the system. Thanks to the special aluminum profiles that are used, there is no need for a carrier contruction and it gives a more aesthetic appearance to your spaces.

Sun Space – Open Roof Cover Systems are developed to create environments that are free of all the negative effects of the sun, but that are filled with filtered daylight. With the Winter Garden, it is possible to make every kind of space, whether private or commercial, closed, but stylish and functional, as transparent spaces. Polycarbon roofing system is a roofing system where roof panels are opened on each other and assembled on a fixed module. Thanks to the polycarbonate sheet used in this system, there is a minimum heat loss during heating and cooling. The biggest advantage of being polycarbonate is 100% unbreakable material. It is light and economical. It is possible to place the requested façade with fixed, sliding, folding single or double wing, every width and window.

Scope of application;

Cafe, Bar, Restaurant, Residential, Swimming pools, Winter gardens.

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