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STR Group Industry and Trade Ltd. STI; in the production of aluminum extrusion profiles established in 1956, who have a say in domestic and foreign markets is Turkey’s leading companies. By 2012, we have succeeded in producing aluminum extrusion profiles, which are needed by international markets, and by producing all the products in the world. With 1200 and 2000 ton extrusion presses, our production capacity is 1200 tons / month and our innovative principle continues to rise with its permanent investments.


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STR Group Industry and Trade Ltd. STI; The company has adopted the principle of delivering the products that customers demanded on this page in a perfect and timely manner. Today our company has exports to all of the world and especially europe countries. It has been our duty to meet the expectations of our customers more efficiently by undertaking the high volume of exports to foreign markets by our S.C Fatih Aluminum sales company established in Romania. In 2006, we have received a full note by presenting the system profiles that we have focused on our work to our valued customers. Our company, which aims to show not only our production power and our quality system profiles but also in industrial profiles in 2007, has always taken the principle to work continuously to prove its success to the whole world with the strength it has received from you.



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